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The Smiling Stage/ It Warms My Heart #12

Always Smile: Its Contagious


Now I can laugh my belly out when I look back.

Before, I would chew your head off

But now the calm after my possible storm

Laughs at my gullibility.

How about a laugh for my naivety,

You never believe I would fall for that, right?

Yes, I did but I learn my lessons.

Sharpened my pencils,

Fed my memory tank,

Dust my shoes pulling up my socks.

You cannot try the same trick twice,

So go away, far away and stay there.


This weekend my peeps, I urge you to laugh off that time you err and lace up to continue your journey. Do not let that silly pest keep you down. I encourage you to shout “you are defeated” and dance off into your day. Smile it looks good on you.



It Warms My Heart #8 Friends & Laughter

Laughter and Friends

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

That we can laugh at our silly jokes in spite of hurt from different events in our life is heartwarming. I am happy that my friends and I could make time for each other to release stress by cracking up about situations which caused pain.

This weekend for another part of the series It Warms My Heart, think laughter in pain. Get together with your girls/boys and take a trip down memory lane, uncover all the wound and finally drain the pus for a complete healing

Have you experienced a weekend with friends laughing and catching up which made you feel light and happy again. Care to tell me about it in the comment section below?


Heart Change

Heart Changing

Source: gagthat.com

I know I should forget about you:
but slowly I am.
But I cannot stop thinking about:
Umm, time provides a determined factor.
I force myself to stop, I try to block all memories:
I do not have to force myself anymore.
I do not have to push memories or emotions:
I am no longer a slave to those insane moments, it went away on its own.
I guess I am floating back to sane land.
You told me once to follow my heart and not my head.
Did you know at that time that my heart would long day lead back to you:
And then back to me.
Getting my heart back.

This poem is a combination of two sets of thoughts. You thought I was bipolar, hmmm. I wrote the parts about cannot forget weeks ago but a few days ago, I realize that something change. So I decided to combine the old feelings with the new into one poem. I thought it captured two different hearts in a ways two poems would not. It is not bipolar love :P.


Time: heals, understand? Poetry



Time: an essential antidote to matters of the heart.

Time: it heals with such precision that no hint of earlier damage is visible. Please do not try a microscope there is nada there.

Time: it makes one feel alive. Volcanic eruptions have nothing on me. Hey! I am not dangerous, I’m just spurring forth a bunch of energetic good stuff.

Time: it gives the longest rope time to crawl its way to a sudden stop. Trust me it  fascinating when that happens.

Time: shows true colours, pretentious ways seep through their permeable hypocritical fissures bursting to the surface.

Time: clearly depicted who you really are.

Oh I love time!

Time: you waste it, your problem, you will never get regain its usefulness.

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