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The Year of Me: Deal The Fuck With It


2015 I grew up on the premise of sacrificial,selfless love

which carried me to empty fields and broken dreams.

This year, I am taking a bit of selfishness with me.

My mouth is split just as yours,

so if I have to jump over your head for my bread

get out of my way.

Especially if you are among the many who are building bricks walls on my chances.

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The Quarrelsome Family

Quarrelsome Family


Quiet is invalid in this house.
Unity is uncommon in this household.
Audacity is a subject of great importance,
Row-row an aka in my language.
Reality is defiant in this domain.
Exaggeration is always a must.
Love! Oh my! Is this present?
Sincerity! What! I’m not hearing you.
Omission now that is great.
Mercy I doubt that,
Everlasting peace, now that is ironic.

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