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Depression [A Diamante]




Source: Yelhispressing



                                       Bleak, trapped

                                 Freezing, poisoning, deafening

                            No we just me, united we stand: disregard

                                    Freezing, moving, loving


Post 8: National Poetry Month

Poetry Type: Diamante:

It is a poem shaped like a diamond invented by Iris Tiedt. It is almost like the Center Text [an option for aligning words] documents. Usually Diamante shows contrast within seven lines or it is a simple description of one subject. In my opinion it is a way to convey feelings with minimum words like a Haiku.


Oh My Love…I’ve Been Waiting



The thunder rented the heavens,
The lightning flashing such dazzling light,
I posed
It is my camera.
I waited with bated breath,
I have waited all day for this.
There it is!
It came crashing down with fiery!
ooh, it is exciting.
The aroma is fresh and sweet,
The wind wrapping caressing arms around me as the thunder protested in jealousy.
Its coolness envelopes me…
I have waited all day for you my sweet love.
The thunder is really angry now but the lightning is enjoying the scene.
I am making a note to ask for all negatives later,
I do not want evidence left.