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International Mens Day: The History

International Mens Day

Via internationalmensday.co/about-              international-mens-day/

Calls for an International Men’s Day have been noted since at least the 1960’s when it was reported that “Many men have been agitating privately to make Feb 23 International Men’s Day, the equivalent of March 8, which is International Women’s day” (New York Times, Feb 24 1969).

Since that time there have been persistent international calls for the creation of an IMD, occasionally in the form of rhetorical questions – “Why do women have an international celebration and not men?” and more commonly in the form of statements like “Men’s contributions and concerns deserve a day of recognition in their own right” i.e. not merely by analogy with International Women’s Day.”

Do read more about International Men Day:http://internationalmensday.co/about-international-mens-day/


It Warms My Heart #10: Universal Children’s Day & Universal Mens Day


Since yesterday the 19th of November was International Mens Day and today is Universal Children’s Day I would like to shout all the men out there especially the daddies making time for their babies. I leave you with a video above showing daddies and their babies sharing funny and happy moments. Enjoy 🙂

This weekend make the men and the kids in your life feel extra special.


A Poem For Universal Children’s Day

Let them giggle, let them sing, let them play hide and seek.

Feed them properly but a few snacks will not hurt.

Please do not use the candy to bribe them into silence

because of your indecent touch.

I wish all those fingers would rotten and fall off for such filthy

actions. You have corrupted their innocence creating monsters lurking to destroy from the inside out.

Let their vivid imagination grow, teach them manners but do not shut them up every time the dear child wants to tell you a story.

Spend time with the children.

Please spend time with your children.

Happy Men’s Day

Happy Men's Day

Source: worthview.com

A shout out to all the men all around the globe.

Sit down, not you boy, don’t start with that probe.

You should know, if you are a man, this is not the time to argue,

please do not make your face blue.

The women have their day and so should you,

If you are down, I hope someone makes you smile, especially your boo.

Keep your head, your mind in focus,

Ignore the oppressors, let them fuss,

whilst you build your safe haven.

You are important, many of us still value your sweet presence.

So please, stay on our radar, no absents.

Happy men’s day to you and you,

all that praise is due.