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Paging God, Paging Dr. Jesus

From dotonline.pbworks.com

From dotonline.pbworks.com

Bills as tall as Mount Everest,
Money as low as the Dead Sea.
[Scratch that because the money is not following so there is no point juxtaposing it with a sea].

Bills as tall as Mount Everest,
Money as low as Death Valley.
Life is begging for a change from that decay,
A feeling of sinking rust, Titanic.
Thirsty to drink from that Living Fountain but he beckons me no more.
I am knocking on the door, fist clench, knuckle sore with pleading.
I thought you told me “…knock and it shall be opened to you.”
Then why a

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My Journey

My Journey



I have the  earnest wish to do better

I must endure unto the end

And I  am saved.

I should always be good but it is my faith in Christ

As my personal saviour grants me salvation, for my

Bible tells me so.

Many times I wonder, actually ponder, really, really ponder whether I am at the point that God desires me.
There are so many tsunamis that are flooding my bloodstream with anti-Christ DNA.

The earthquakes are trembling, shaking and jolting my understanding to make me forget the word.

The volcanoes are corrupting my core into ashes.

Kindling burning flames into places that are not ready, ready to consumed.

As for the hurricane, it is ripping its devastating winds through my existence.

It is threatening to erase the contract  between Christ and myself

But I am holding on, not on my own but I am letting Jesus sail my ship.

Into any unchartered waters I roam he will steer me through.