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Alone but not Lonely

Alone but not Lonely

Never be afraid of time alone with yourself.

Time to reflect on the day or a particular event.

No you are not coco for coco poofs if you just want to curl up with your thoughts. Why do you think everyone wants to buy it for a penny.

Why are you so afraid of the lonely stamp anyway? Would you rather feel lonely with people around engaging in conversation or time alone feeling content.

I do not know about you but I am not putting myself through that misery. Company is great but sometimes I just need me and my thoughts.

Some learned folks called it being an introvert, I see it as alone time. You do not need to have kids or spouses to have alone time.

You just need you, a book or CNN- trying to understand the world.

So ahead do you this weekend, call a babysitter, call an aunty (whispers, they are the best) or put your phone on silent. Grab some popcorn, chocolate, icecream and enter the alone zone. Detox.