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mesostic poemPost Three: National Poetry Month 2015

My poem today is Mesostic -a poetry form I stumbled across on Colleen knight’s blog. It is “a poem or other typography such that a vertical phrase intersects lines of horizontal text. It is similar to an acrostic, but with the vertical phrase intersecting the middle of the line, as opposed to beginning each new line.” [Source: Wikipedia]

I tried using so many generators online but they forced the words of their choosing in structure, it is  the format for that poetry but I wanted to convey a message of frustration thus felt the needs for all the words in the text picture above. I apologize if  the picture  quality and handwriting does not make the text easy to read. After several hours of failing at a simple process of taking a simple picture and mesostic generators online, I became even more frustrated. When you are down, life has a beautiful way of teaching the virtue of patience.


Leave Me Alone [Peace]

Stop Yapping

Source: Yelhispressing

If I cannot belch out the guts of my heart

then what is the purpose of freedom of speech?

Should I wait in silence whilst your words knife,

plunging into my rays of hope as you sun down without mercy

never flinching with your unwanted words of advice?

You expect me to respect your reasoning?

Recollect all that unchecked teaching?

Go way, far away and stay away!



Sometimes I want to scream, freeing my lungs of decay but nothing comes out.

I want to roar with the lions shaking that audacity to reality but I am much afraid to enter the jungle.

Therefore, I scream in my head, letting the vibrating of my timbre rattled my thoughts into whatever.

That came to no good because every time I fall to a heavy head with heavier thoughts.