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It Warms My Heart #11 Freedom Of Speech


I get really really mad when someone tries to prevent me from expressing my views and dismisses my claims as “you just angry or sad or in your feelings.” Although, I am not a speaker in person and usually choose a corner and not a crowd, when I speak I am usually very vocal. I am very particular about my freedom to speak sometimes I take it too personal. Note that I am not referring to disruptive conversation whilst someone else is addressing a group. Nor am I referring to outlandish behavior such as cursing up an person or blatant disregard from persons of authority. For example, if I am speaking too loud at a group discussion at a public library and the librarian ask me to tone it down, I cannot get angry and say “it is my right to speak.” In that instance I am rude and  disrespectful.

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Leave Me Alone [Peace]

Stop Yapping

Source: Yelhispressing

If I cannot belch out the guts of my heart

then what is the purpose of freedom of speech?

Should I wait in silence whilst your words knife,

plunging into my rays of hope as you sun down without mercy

never flinching with your unwanted words of advice?

You expect me to respect your reasoning?

Recollect all that unchecked teaching?

Go way, far away and stay away!