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Film Adaptations/Great Expectations


One of my other favourite things to do apart from reading is watching films especially film adaptations from books, so starting today I will share my views of some film adaptations of books I have read in the past or recently read. It is  a ritual (kind of )for me to watch film adaptations after reading a book especially classics. Today, I tackle (a short take) Great Expectation which I read in 2013 (I think that was the year) and I am crazy ever since for the story!

So let us dive into it:

1946 version

Great Expectations 1946 Film Adaptations

Via Wikipedia.org for Commentary On The Film

It feels like a summary of the story, not divulging certain details of the book which in my opinion is important. For example, nothing of Pip helping Herbert Pock, Pock’s business and even his fiancé and avoiding the suspicious death of Mrs. Joe. What the 1946 version did excellent  is  the portrayal of  young Estelle growing in grace as a cruel child especially to boy Pip.


1999 version

Great Expectation Film Adaptations

Via Wikipedia.org for commentary on the film.

Although I found the beginning a down version of the book, the film stretches to most of the scenes of the story. It is more of a comprehensive look as oppose to 1946 or 2012 versions. Estelle was more brilliant as a child than a young adult. They made her look more sincere, trying to instill that sympathy look for Pip.


2012 version

Great Expectations 2012 Film Adaptations

Via Wikipedia.org for commentary on the film

My favourite version of the three. Although it focuses and tells the story as Pip, the main focus, I found this version much more engaging. The casting is great, everyone played a great role from Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham to Holliday Grainger as adult Estella. Adult Estella nailed the role quite well. What appealed to me most about this version is the use of sound and colour/shading to create dynamic scene.

What version  of Great Expectations have you seen? Do you have any favourite film adaptation or a favourite role? Let me know in the comment section below.



What Makes You Feel Good?


I want to focus on a feel good awesomeness, something to spread the pleasantries all around. We cannot let the bad win all the time, we have to light up the internet and specifically WordPress [since it our internet home]. You know that Pharrell song which hopefully makes everyone smile or the Smile song by Kirk Franklin which uplifts my spirit. We are coming from the weekend and I thought why not share some of the things which makes me feel good.


Yessssssss, one of the times I feel the greatest is when I wake from a beautiful comforting sleep especially waking before my alarm from a lovely dream. I have not come across  much  better than sleep.

2. Cold Shower

I thank you Lord for water, I thank you for cold water in particular especially after a hot day. It makes me feel alive, fresh and I always do a twirl around my room :). Honestly I feel privilege for that experience everyday especially when I see documentaries of people with no water,it breaks my heart.

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47 Ronin


Kai “I will search for you through 1,000 worlds and 10,000 life times until I find you”

Mika “I will wait for you in all of them.”


The above is a scene from one of the best films that I watched in 2015 called ‘47 Ronin.’  It is a mixture of action, romance and ancient east history, all the titbits to make my heart happy.  Usually after such films, I wait for the credit showing the inspiration behind the story. It is then I learnt that the film is based on real people/Ronin. Of course, I became intrigued so I made a note to dig a bit on the life of the 47 Ronin and I share with you their story.

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