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Ingrid by Lynnette Kraft [A Book Review]


Book Review What a heart warming and engaging way to begin a novel: the descriptive birth of two babies entrusted with a mission at that early age. With the use of fantasy and the help of illustration at the beginning of each chapter, the author did a terrific work in showing the novel’s aim at forgiving, loving and togetherness both at the family and community level.

I am not a fantasy reader, so I was hesitant about the role of the mystic lights of the Kumbion creatures, however they played a salient part in showing the outstanding people of Scot, although I am still a bit questioning about their appearances. If you are looking for a novel about people living in a community with togetherness, this is the novel. It is a good story for any age, the bad repents and the good heals. It is indeed a feel good story. It is believable [except the Kumbion creature], the time each scene took, reflected on a period of real horse power, where everyone knew each other in the settlement. I felt that when the author allowed the eventual railway construction into Scot, it was a way of spreading Scot love to everyone instead of trapping it within the city. Scot was on the verge of its modernization.

I was disappointed that Ingrid did not attain that extra blessing but since she was ok with the situation, then I should leave it alone. Most times people are hero(ines) not for what they could gain in the end but simply to help the ones in need. The character transformations were so magnificent and touching, it made me wish that I lived in a village like Scot.