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Straight Street: Rough Waters [ A Ballad]

It is Rough In Those Streets

Rough Seas

Decaying network of evil, see them
breathe their diseased work on the
ideal impressionable young yoke.
Family values are weak from assaults
day in and week out from terrible gossip.

When weed is your best friend,
the deed is almost done. Help!
Is that the keys, handed down to
Eve, to multiply fruits to torture others?
Who made those community legal?

Stop, you cannot weasel your way
through my needle of choice.
Please, leave my different ways, different.
Let me be, be me. Free to choose only three
as friends because mama said 3 is a crowd
and I just want to stay out of trouble.

Day 7 of WordPress poetry class with the ‘Ballad.’ For our prompt today, Neighbours  and the literary device ‘Assonance.’ My poem speaks on my interpretation of the place, I call community. Sadly it is a negative but the truth shall set me free, yes free indeed.

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I leave you with a question: Do you live in a neighbourhood where you notice a slow decay (people mannerisms etc), does it bother you? Would you mind telling me about it, in the section below?


Gossip [Quote]


Cavendon Women

“Gossip can be very harmful. It has been known to destroy people. And those who gossip are extremely dangerous, in my opinion. All they do is cause trouble for others.”

Babara Taylor Bradford

The Cavendon Women


Be careful what you say about others especially if you are purposefully spreading a falsehood which may break up families. Our tongues are not only powerful but also deadly. Sometimes we should spend more time talking about our business and not  minding someone’s else who has no bearing in your life. I am sure, the topics for gossip about others would not be so juicy if someone else said it about us. Peace!


Love: What It Means To Me

Love Poem


Love is always God

A deep moving force.

Love could be scary

when I see hurt

but I can’t do anything.

Love is looking at

your bright eyes with

swelling in my heart,

the pleasant type because

love keeps me growing.


singhpiyush6089 invited me to write what ‘love’ means to me in ten sentences of four words each. He also asked for my favourite quote about love, I do not have a one but “God is love,” immediately came to mind. I have to nominate 10 other bloggers to spread love on WordPress:
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Anyone reading this poem, if you feel incline go ahead and write a poem about what ‘love’ means to you, let us cover WordPress in and with LOVE.

Not Such An Easy Fix

Cloudy Day

Source: Yelhispressing

In response to The Daily Post’s writing
prompt: “Easy Fix.”

I quit, I end all the toxic thoughts which crippled my ability to believe.
I quit, all the timid ways to get my messages across.
No more emails saying “hi”, either I pick up the phone or approach you, face to face.
I quit, all the back and forth with people who do not care about me,
But only what I can do to for them.
I quit rules and regulations that infringe on my freedom to speak and be me.
If it means excommunication then let me go to hell in peace.
I give up on trying to form civil relationships with people of same blood.
What is the point of an ambassador when no one wants to meet peacefully unless there is a death or a wedding?
I quit that! Hire someone else, my free services are appreciated elsewhere.

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Big Sister

Big Sister: Is she cool? Poetry


How lovely to be a big sister, right?
To have that adorable, cute little thumb sucking munchkin following you around the house.
Her obedient little eyes, searches everything that I do and the rude mouth which calms down after a good scolding.
How sweet to hear her reciting her ABCs and the 1-10 numbers.
Time flies and the rude mouth become permanently etch on her teenage mouth.
There was no ‘terrible two stage’ but the terrible twelve just slam dunked in my court.
I try to understand because I was a teenager and I experience all those bizarre changes but this is taking it a bit too far. No?
The sucking of teeth for the most ridiculous reason, I always tell her “brush it, don’t suck it,” but no she drops these irritating bombs everywhere and anywhere.
Then comes the ‘boys’ phrase’, I have no problem with her getting crazy for them but she refuses to put some Maths and English in her hard-headed brain.
What is the point of school, if one makes the little effort to learn? Am I Right?
Clothes, shoes and hair take the prime spot and everything else means little or nothing at all.
So much for the loveliness of a big sister when the little sister seems feather brain and all TV’d up.

The Quarrelsome Family

Quarrelsome Family


Quiet is invalid in this house.
Unity is uncommon in this household.
Audacity is a subject of great importance,
Row-row an aka in my language.
Reality is defiant in this domain.
Exaggeration is always a must.
Love! Oh my! Is this present?
Sincerity! What! I’m not hearing you.
Omission now that is great.
Mercy I doubt that,
Everlasting peace, now that is ironic.

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The Man in the Family

The Main In the Family


Genesis 2:24 

                     “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his  wife and they shall be one flesh.”


The man is the prime person in a relationship that begins a family. According to tradition, he chooses a woman who he believes would be ideal as a wife and most likely as a mother later. Therefore, it is important that when a man chooses a spouse that she is compatible with him.  The decision is more than a physical connection but the spiritual  is crucial. It is this aspect that binds the family together when all else fails. When the man chooses a wife, it is crucial that he treats her with uttermost love and care. Bro Paul advises in 1 Corinthians 7:3 “let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence; and likewise also the wife unto the husband.” In addition, Ephesians 5:25 says that “husbands should love their wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it,” meaning make time for her as Christ made time for the church. Husbands should spend quality time with their wives to forge a deeper bond that began during courtship. Having a strong connection coupled with help from God deters negative external forces from battering the marriage.

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