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Yesterday’s Exfoliation Photo Up

Exfoliating Scrub

Source: homemadeforelle.com

I apologized to my face for the weeks of neglect, grabbed the nearest exfoliating scrub preparing my face for a needed facial. Yes, I could feel the rough yet gentle rub as I massaged my face in tender strokes. “Why did I take so long to do this,” I heard myself say to myself. It is a question, I am still trying to answer from yesterday. After scrubbing and applying toner, I immediately felt and saw a difference in my face. Not as smooth as a baby’s bottom difference but I am in my skin so I know something was not exactly the same. Yet I wanted more reassure other than from the mirror and my fingers. Thus, I grabbed my camera for a selfie to compare notes to an older photo from the morning.

Ladies let us remind each other to take care of our face or else they will go on strike.

Story inspired by A Moment in Time on Daily Prompt.