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Studying Tips

Studying Tips

Source: Yelhispressing

Do not wait until the day before
to grab that book of knowledge.
Do not wait until the morning
of that test, to transfer a theory
to an already sleep deprived brain.

Practise the formula every chance you get.
Practise on the way to school,
Practise when you are shooting hoops.
Practise when you are in the shower.

Use acronyms of something favourite to remember.
Use the melody of a favourite song to remember,
all the definitions of a tedious chapter.
Tap your hands and feet, snap your fingers too.

Read new material very often.
Read it every day or every other day
but please read throughout the semester.
Read it like its your favourite comic story/love affair.

I beseech thee to sleep the night before,
sleep like a good infant, feel the information
sorting itself for your use on the morrow.
Now get up smiling, eat breakfast and go Ace that exam.

Post 9: National Poetry Month
Poetry Form: Didactic Poem
It is generally used to impart knowledge/teach. Some here I am giving some tips to study which worked for me when I followed that plan.