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Twitter Blues [ A Prose Poetry]


I stayed away for so long, I said only birds need you but I decided to stray to your flock. I signed on but did not do much, such is social life when every app is so similar. However, after a few months, I view you as an impersonal messenger. I could converse about the things I love in a large group, such diverse point of views. No need for personal details just maybe controversial tidbits here and there. Now I am picky and I choose the desk top version, aversion to THAT mobile thing. A Chernobyl, to my sight, incomprehensible, unattractive packaging. Now if it was the only version then screw me BUT from the beginning I used the desk top view on a mobile device. Now Mr. Twitter wants to confine me to a mobile view, now I must whine and whine. I tried so many tricks to revert to desk view but Twitter assert their power. Great, just when I finally thought you cool Mr. Twitter, nice April fool for me. Goes off mumblings a lot of…, losing my twitter self-control. Tweet, tweet.