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Bleak House [A Book Review]

Charles Dickens
I feel, I feel like I stumbled upon a fantastic prose wrapped in a whirlwind of events that I cannot fathom how Dickens [called CD hereafter] planned the story. It moved at a pace which left me desperate for him to just spell it out but CD threw Jarndyce and Jarndyce in my face for so many chapters. Oh boy was I steaming mad!
How can he pulled me in with my immediate liking for Esther [ Jane Eyre long-lost sister] and that near perfect description of the scenery in the first few chapters then kill me with an ever going legal battle of a confusing will. However, CD redeemed in shining colours with a tone of humour “his whole existence was a summer joke” and mystery. Tell me, tell me now will Ana take the veil with Richard? Will Esther marry her guardian? What is Mr. Tulkinghorn up too with his manipulating ways. CD came up with the mother load of subplots which he managed to pull so artfully and sometimes confusedly into the main plot.

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