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Death: Norm of Fear?

Sunset: Is it death? Poetry

Source: J. Pierre

So many afraid of you, they fear the uncertainty of the unknown but are you really that puzzling?

Some say everything stops when you step in; life stop to thrill.

But I say death is not only Mount Vesuvius over Pompeii.

It is the rest for that travelling heart, a heart which toiled over Himalayan of heavy load.

Hey, these shoulders need a rest at some point.

Death brings a slumber of the never return, alarm clocks are obsolete.

Just unequivocal silence, the type when you can hear yourself thinking and you cannot do a thing about that mental exercise.

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Rest In Perfect Peace



Your flower opened almost a century ago, in the midst of the first war the document says but the family is certain you are six years older.

You helped bring four children into this forsaken world: three boys and one girl, two of whom predeceased you.

My first memory of you is passing by your home to eat sugar cane. I stretch my storage tank for anything earlier but nothing comes up.

I remember you as a teenager with the same mini sugar cane field but is that all?

I have nothing fuzzy, nothing warm, why am I so stainless steel?

I do not know what happen but you fell off my radar but you suddenly reappeared when my adult years began.

Everyone speaks of your troublesome nature, your eager want to converse, to ask about the girlfriend or the boyfriend 🙂

But I got none of that….

I received polite conversation suited for strangers.

Was I so cold to you, stainless steel again? Or was it you?


I went away for some time and I came back to polite conversations.

Now, your flower has faded, your light has extinguished never to blaze anymore.

Let your spirit return to its creator, now you can dream forever with no more pain.