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Of Love


Of Love: A Ghazal

Source: © Copyright Kathryn Ferrier 2015

We all need that emotion, ade of love,
grab my hands and heart we were made of love.

Watch his toothless grin light mummy’s bright eyes,
a wonderful feeling, cascade of love.

Bang! The door slammed shut behind this inmate,
families visit, yes no blockade of love.

Frostbitten and cold, he shivers to the bone,
she gives her jacket never a jade of love.

He carries all her books with a big grin,
she wondered if it’s a masquerade of love.

always alone except on those weekends,
when a sweet stranger visits – free trade of love.

crazy sometimes the world may spin, the cure
Noirfifre hopes are those grenades of love.

Post 14: National Poetry Month

Poetry Form: Ghazal