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“Somewhere in every man, etched out upon his soul, is the one resentment, one love, one hate that his days have pressed out of him. Whether it’s written harshly upon the surface of his wizened face, or pierces out from the deep within his yellow eyes, it’s there!”

Ismith Khan, The Jumbie Khan

Death [A Quote]


Death: Norm of Fear?

Sunset: Is it death? Poetry

Source: J. Pierre

So many afraid of you, they fear the uncertainty of the unknown but are you really that puzzling?

Some say everything stops when you step in; life stop to thrill.

But I say death is not only Mount Vesuvius over Pompeii.

It is the rest for that travelling heart, a heart which toiled over Himalayan of heavy load.

Hey, these shoulders need a rest at some point.

Death brings a slumber of the never return, alarm clocks are obsolete.

Just unequivocal silence, the type when you can hear yourself thinking and you cannot do a thing about that mental exercise.

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I Can Die Only Once




Throw all you can at me, huff and puff and blow down my house, Mr. Big Bad Wolf.

Call out my dreams like the Pied Piper, let them creep and follow you like zombies into the unknown.

I was once so naïve, travelling through life with my red coat and basket, eager to help especially family.

Alas, I got the Pinocchios, stretching their lies, gambling their fables for favours. Oh Aesop would be proud!

What is the point of all the tricks and treachery only to come back to me with pretense.

I am not that coveted throne but winter is threatening with its demons and games.

In the end if I  am among the statistics, you can rest assured, I can die only once.

You heard me right. Yes, you can only take my last breath only one time.

Break my resistance, kill my opportunities, block the flow of success but it will not last forever.

If only death can bring release, then do not gloat, your reign of dominance is complete.