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The End of One, the Beginning of Another

The End of One, the Beginning of Another

You entered with your wife, I noticed when at the same moment I lifted my head.
I really thought I would break down and cry when I saw you and her together but I did not.
“Wow, this is great”, I said to myself.
Our eyes met a few times during the ceremony and I just glanced away.
I refuse to sit sorrow fully and not enjoy my sister’s wedding.

Wish you all the best in your marriage.
My one request is that you continue to stay away from me,
You are doing a good job so far and I would like to recommend you for that.
Now I am free to not be afraid of displeasing people who are around me.

Why should I hate you?
No reason to, I feel absolutely no resentment, maybe if you try speaking to me that will change.
So do us both a favour and do not try to.
I am making great strides in moving on.
Yes I occasionally think about you but far better than the every minute thing.

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Stop the Bullshit



They say silence is gold but I will take the plastic.
Just say something to me.
I need for you to go first and I will go second and make it right.

It is tiring going around in circles.
I have done it before and I do not want to do it again.
I write most of what I think.
Boldness is not part of my vocabulary.

This is insanity.
I do not need to add more drama to my 90210 life.
All I want is to breath in peace but every time I get the lead in life’s lame play.