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Hangover with Embarrassment: 15 Examples of No Regrets


Source: funnypicturequotes.com

The list is infinite. So I will share just a few.

I let my emotions control my reasoning and I wake up the next day with the mother of all embarrassments.
Yet there were times, I live for the moments of my random and self fulling silly stuffs I have done and heck I still have no regrets.

1. The first time I bought a KitKat bar, my only intentions was to hear a sound. You know that cracking sound in the commercial, when someone breaks a piece of the bar. Well,I never heard the sound but on the plus side, KitKat dark chocolate is now a favourite snack.

2. I smelled the chemicals in the Lab at school when the teacher warned us against it. (Maybe that accounts for a few of the loose screws in my head)

3. I kept love texts messages for years after receiving them. I guess that was part of me holding on to the guy but the good thing is one day I grabbed my phone and deleted them.

4. Every time I bought a book I would buy a bookmark. It was an odd habit. It started when I book a novel from a store but I intended to start reading right away,so I bought a bookmark. However, why I continued that practised, I have no idea but I stopped. I collect bookmarks but not in that buy a book and a bookmark at the same time weird way.

5. I must turn off my cell phone before I go to bed at nights .

6. I do not like have cats around me but I think they look adorable in some photos.

7. I would force my eyes to stay open just to read a few more pages of an interesting book.

8. I like sports but when I do watch, I always check out for the cute guys and he always ends up as a favourite for that particular sport.

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