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It Warms My Heart #6: HGTV Couples


When I turn on the television, my channels are usually: BBC, CNN, HGTV, TNT and Cartoon Network and sometimes Food Network. I am always drawn to couples working together, watching to see how they react in  different situations. Although the show, movie or newscast is usually scripted there are always moment of split second untouched reaction the camera zap. It is  the time where viewers like me forms a  taste to dislike or like of a couple.

My favourite couple on HGTV is Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. It is very easy to like them as  separate people and as a couple. Chip is that funny, awkward, loving guy and Joanna is sweet gentle breeze. Together they take run down houses, turning it in loveable and cozy homes for their clients. I like Joanna designs because of the rustic charm that she uses, she makes it look good. You should check out their farm, it has historic quaint and beautiful written all over. It is heartwarming watching Chip and Joanna together, he can still make her blush and she still loves his sense of humour. I like that they can earn a living together, putting the adage of couples working together proves disastrous, to sort of shame. True, I do not see every detail but I see enough to gather a loving, workable situation.

What do you think about couples working together, are you one of them? Let me know down below in the comment section.