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Alec and The Swing Set

Magpie Tales

Playground Getty via Magpie Tales

“Mom why can’t I go on the big swing set, every time you keep saying no.” says Alec in a sad tone of voice.

“All my friends share all the stories of their adventures swinging so high in the sky,” Alec continues in a quivering voice.

“You are too young and I think it is dangerous Alec,” Mom replies

“but mommm, I am a big boy,” Alec pleads. “You were the same size as me when grandpop first took you to the park to ride the swing.”

“How did you know what size I…” “Alex who told you that?”

“Grandpop showed me a picture of you holding the swing high up in the sky.” “You were brave and you always tell me Alec be brave, Alec be strong,” replied Alec in a mocking voice.

Mom sighed followed with a pensive look. Alec stood gazing at her with the gentlest expression.

“Fine, you can ride the swing today when we go to the park,” Mom said seconds later.

“yes, yes, yes, thank you mom, thank you,” Alec squealed hugging Mom.

Moral of the story for Magpie Tales 298, old photographs share evidence of all the things parents did, evidence children can use to ride the lean machine of a swing  with friends :D.