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He Drives Me Crazy


COOL PHOTOS 028You make me colour like beet root juice.

You press my buttons although they have no knobs.

I feel you when you are not around.

I feel you holding me, I feel you touching me ever so gently.

But there are time when you infuriate me!

Communication is key, it is a necessary for us to grow and sustain.

Do not ASS- U- ME that I am feeling a certain way if I did not tell you or I showed you to that extent.





All the necessary colours, check!

All the positive attitude flared up with a bit of acting, check!

Deep breath for strength, check!

I”m ready  for this probation duty.


What I thought would toss me in Daniel’s den actually wants to rub its cute cubs to my cheek.

Funny how situation and life shifts to such size, the expected  flop becomes a pleasant surprise.

Interactions with the smily, frosty ones, eager for that warmer Fahrenheit.

Sweet temper some traced with an unease and slight impatient.

That is ok, we all have bad days where make others feel miserable (deliberately or not).

However, the unpleasant surprise came from the environs.

Team work is an essential asset for all to success, no?

How can we move forward if we blame everyone else for a mistake.

When we speak about coming together yet still we engage in whispers when backs turn.

So “preschoolish.”

Absolutely unnecessary behaviour from “mature” people.

Sometimes I long to stand in the place of  one of the frosty ones, just to see how much the service would differ.

How many smiles and accentuated educated English conversations, I would receive.

How many hasty apologizes, instead of scolds and threats that simply makes my task a nervous wreck.

Take off my necessary colours and let time slowly slip away in the shower.

Let that period of audition stay away, just for a few moments to recuperate.