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Claiming by Saskia Knight: Book Review


Claiming (Novel)

Novella Published January 16th 2014

  A combination of attraction and the result of two lustful world colliding. The former line serves as an apt assessment of Claiming. I felt that the story was too short and certain events like Rowena’s fear of the Tower could be a lengthier subplot to add more taste to a vivid story. However, it is  a novella so what can I say? Claiming introduced me to the shortest courtship in the history of getting to know someone. It was dynamic and attention grabbing moment; I had to read more to find out how Sir Saher and Rowena would axe down dividing walls.  

It is a novella with erotic material; one may even describe it an erotic novella. The cover page depicts one of the riveting sex scenes. One of the benefits of Claiming is its guide for first time or inexperience lovers. If you do not want to ask anyone about lovemaking, well Sir Saher will tell you exactly what to expect. [Points for sex education]. *winks*

I am not an expert on all things medieval but I thought that the sex talk however did not sound like medieval dialogue. Maybe I am wrong but based on other readings, at times the novella reads like a post-modern one.