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Top 5 Wednesday: Children’s Books


Top 5 Wednesday

Hello book people, it is another Top 5 Wednesday and today we are going down the memory lane with:

July 12th: Children’s Books
–This can include Middle Grade (but try to recommend more than just Harry Potter and Percy Jackson!) Feel free to talk about your childhood faves or more recent reads.

Let is dive into it:

1. Cinderella

It is probably one of my favourite fairytale story  because of the storyline of a girl rescued from the clutches of hardship.  I remember feeling comfort in the story creating that make-believe story that my Cinderella  ending would come one day, in that my dreams would come true. I love a Cinderella trope especially in films and it is because of the reading the fairy tale so many times. It gave me hope that better things will come some day.

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Characters Like Me: Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Today May 11th, 2016, we take a look at  ‘Characters You Are Most Like’ for Top 5 Wednesday .  People who I read and felt that connection so deep that every action and reaction became my own. I am killing two birds with one stone with this week book’s meme because I had Yourself In 5 Characters on my to do a list, from Books With Chemistry.

Let us dive into it:

5. Nancy Drew

The adventurous spirit to solve mysteries from a curious mind and getting to the core of the problem. That was me as a girl and younger woman, although less of a self acclaimed detective now, I am still one to create and solve cases.


4.  Jo March

Independent and strong-willed to succeed, to beat the extreme life of poverty. So decided to capitalize on the strong urge to make a life to help her family. We share the same love for books and writing, although I have not meet the heights of Jo’s publishing. Perhaps we both lose our Teddy.

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