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Everyone Needs a Cheerleader


When your grade says a F instead of the expecting A.

When your house is no longer a home.

When the Jerry Springer shows pale in comparison to your neighbourhood.

When you jobless so long you wonder what is the point of adulthood.

When you question the point of  your university education.

When the bank, the bank wants its money.

When your “friends” disappear.

When your wife cheats on you with your best friend and the child is his(the best friend).

When your last pair of shoes is on the verge of elimination.

When the mortgage on the house is in 6 months arrears and your husband is dying of cancer.

When you are pregnant and your boyfriends tells you to abort because he does not care for a child.

When your pastor is having an affair with your niece and you do not know whether you should let his wife know.

When your daughter is in turmoil from the abuse of someone she trusted.

When your ex-boyfriend poses nude photos of you on social networks.

When you feel like that Maths class torments you but you need to keep at it or you will not graduate.

When you contemplate committing suicide because you feel alone.

When the doctor cannot diagnose your pain.

When you  feel your faith in God is tiring and your church feels like a battlefield.

When that women next door is threatening to expose your illegal drug past to your boss.

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Rushing Me To the Altar Committee/Wedding Fever


First the sly comments when I hold a baby or when I attend a wedding. Some family members would say “You are next,” I laughed, smile in reply or I gave a courteous reply. Then suddenly the remarks became crude such as:

“You are approaching 30 soon, you should not wait till your bones change to marry.”

“You need to have babies now, before you get OLD”

Folks my smiled disappeared and my the want to Stone Cold Stunner a few, came often to mind. Did I miss a memo stating that when you hit 30 it is now or never and the few years leading to that age, one needs to find in earnest a husband to make babies? Why is it that some people just cannot mind their wedding fever and leave my baby free and husband free life alone! Speaking of wedding fever I realized that a number of people who are eager for me to run to the altar are not really concern about me making babies with a man who I love. They are more interested in receiving an invitation so they can drink, eat merry and inspect my dress. They do not say it out loud but I read between the words that comes out of their big mouths.

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