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It Warms My Heart #10: Universal Children’s Day & Universal Mens Day


Since yesterday the 19th of November was International Mens Day and today is Universal Children’s Day I would like to shout all the men out there especially the daddies making time for their babies. I leave you with a video above showing daddies and their babies sharing funny and happy moments. Enjoy 🙂

This weekend make the men and the kids in your life feel extra special.


A Poem For Universal Children’s Day

Let them giggle, let them sing, let them play hide and seek.

Feed them properly but a few snacks will not hurt.

Please do not use the candy to bribe them into silence

because of your indecent touch.

I wish all those fingers would rotten and fall off for such filthy

actions. You have corrupted their innocence creating monsters lurking to destroy from the inside out.

Let their vivid imagination grow, teach them manners but do not shut them up every time the dear child wants to tell you a story.

Spend time with the children.

Please spend time with your children.


Reading Month


Source: okeideas.com

In my neck of the woods, May is National Reading Month or Reading Awareness Month. It is a time where schools focus on enticing students to not just read more but using tips from reading to influence their overall education. Thus, it is only fitting that this year’s theme is “Sharpening Literacy Skills For Global Citizenship.” Everything that one learns in a reading environment, one should harness it for skills in everyday life :use it for internet/social media, employment opportunity created by globalization etc. Reading can allow anyone to make such goals because it facilitates the push of creating and using the imagination.

Even as an adult, I love reading because it stimulates my brain in ways that no other entity has dared to try. It is for this reason, many teacher [especially Elementary] focus on not only silent reading but reading competitions. It encourages students to nurture an eloquent and articulate speech and a curious mind. In addition, reading improves one’s vocabulary and knowledge which in turn makes conversations more interesting and writing more impressive [or something so]. I always say a nation who do not care for their history will end in many forms of misery. It is the similar condition for reading  – a nation who does not read develop a tickling time bomb. Children grow with little interest in reading may develop little taste for books, articles, journal (writing) and research. The sale of books(both print and digital) declines, magazines disappear and the face of publishing changes forever. I know it sounds farfetched but permit me that luxury.

I am aware that there are different National Reading Months throughout the world. However, if you are reading this post, I make several pleads. Do not love books just as a decoration, read that decoration from time to time. If you are a parent or guardian, urge your children to read or how about you read with them before bed. Take your time to read a post which topic interests you, stop spamming with “likes” on blog post you never read, it is unethical. If you have books collecting dust in a place you have not visited for many moons, how about you give them to your local library or a school. Let others enjoy the stories waiting to entertain and impart knowledge.

Reading is fun, you need to make it riveting.

I Am Not Sure I Want You


Quote-Speak-the-truth-even-if-your-voice-shakes (From 100 funny quotes)


I am not sure I want that connection with you forever, when I have to claim accountability for my choice of words around you.

I am not sure I need to wrap you in my arms to have that complete feeling.

You see if I am not complete before you, I will never feel complete when I have you in my bosom.

It is a pleasant feeling to hear giggles, that adorable and oh so cute voice but in another instant that annoying crying and tantrum  drives me insane.

How can I live for you when I have not lived for myself?

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What I Need My Daughter to Know Today


Excellent and beautiful words of encouragement.

A Step onto the Road


Today, it hurts. Everything aches because you live in this horrible world of humans and that’s what humans do. They suffer and they make others suffer too. It’s one of the sad things about life: that we need to feel the bitter sadness in order to be filled up with joy. Here’s some things you may want to know when the good days seem far away.

1)      People suck. They are mean and cruel and selfish and oblivious. They will never treat you the way you deserve to be treated because they are too busy looking out for themselves. All people, even nice ones. We’re all selfish. We will all let you down at some point, not because we don’t love you. Not because you are not amazing. Because we are human, and humans are flawed.

2)      Getting revenge never feels as good as you think it will. Remember…

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Growing Older Makes You Experience


Image From www.nicefunnyjokes.com

Gone are the days of innocent giggles, seeing pictures but not understanding the concepts behind them.

Saying gross when you watched adults exchange saliva.

Thinking your piggie bank can sustain for ever and ever.

The days when our dreams were  so big and so obtainable.


Then something happened: we grew up.

Like when Adam and Eve ate the fruit we became experience and knowledgeable  about how the world works.

We realize that our piggy bank is not near enough to pay the light bill.

The things that gross us out, feel and seem natural and loveable.

Our giggles are hardly innocent, minds ripe with a double meaning.


It is great  to remember the days when our songs of innocence, so we could juxtapose those days with our songs of experience.

See how much you have grown: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Protect your children, nephews, nieces and cousins childhood.

Let them have their share of that innocent cocoon, so they could say sometime down the road.

Stop Screaming

Stop screaming parents: read about it on yelhispressing.com


Mom shouts: “Ecclesiastes 12:1: Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, whilst the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say; I have no pleasure in them.”

Arianne says angrily “Oh great, go ahead make me feel guilty about my life. It is my life and I should do whatever I want with it. Hello! It is the 21st century, hooray to freedom.”


Dad says “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise).”


Arianne frustratingly answers “Did you forget verse 4… And ye, fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. 

I can never speak to you because you always act so self-righteous. Greg always listens to me;   I rather spend time over at his place than here.”

Press Pause

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The Man in the Family

The Main In the Family


Genesis 2:24 

                     “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his  wife and they shall be one flesh.”


The man is the prime person in a relationship that begins a family. According to tradition, he chooses a woman who he believes would be ideal as a wife and most likely as a mother later. Therefore, it is important that when a man chooses a spouse that she is compatible with him.  The decision is more than a physical connection but the spiritual  is crucial. It is this aspect that binds the family together when all else fails. When the man chooses a wife, it is crucial that he treats her with uttermost love and care. Bro Paul advises in 1 Corinthians 7:3 “let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence; and likewise also the wife unto the husband.” In addition, Ephesians 5:25 says that “husbands should love their wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it,” meaning make time for her as Christ made time for the church. Husbands should spend quality time with their wives to forge a deeper bond that began during courtship. Having a strong connection coupled with help from God deters negative external forces from battering the marriage.

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