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My #ReadKidsLit for 2017


November is synonymous with many observances, one of my favourite’s is the celebration of  World’s Children’s Day. Lesley from WordsofA Reader inspired me to dedicate the month of November in reading stories for children. I love children stories so it was an easy, simple and fun event to delve in Children’ Literature.

This year all the books I read were first times readings and some of  the stories were film adaptations that I saw previously always murmuring that I need to read the books. I am so happy that I finally read these:

1. Jungle Book 1 by Rudyard Kipling
2. Jungle Book 2 by Rudyard Kipling
3. Pollyana by Eleanor H Porter
4. The Railways Children by E. Nesbit
5. Little House on the Prairie- Book 2
6. The Happy Hollisters and the Scarecrow Mystery (Happy Hollisters, #14)by Jerry West

My favourite read is Pollyana because it is a story that I am sure makes the darkest heart bright and the saddest frown smile. Pollyana is certainly one of the most infectious characters I have read.

My least favoured book is Jungle Book 1 due to the writing style of the author splitting up Mogwli stories with other Jungle animals. I rather if all Mogwli stories were grouped together followed by the other Jungle animals. In addition, the other Jungle stories were not all interesting.



Anne of Green Gables [Book Review]



Anne of Green Gables

Oh Anne (pronounce it with an “e” *smiles*) has a smart mouth that keeps getting her into trouble after trouble. However, her mouth is part of her selling point which seems to work faster than her heart and mind. I really do like this girl and certainly because no child is without mishaps growing into adulthood, her journey makes for a humorous read. I do appreciate how she learns a moral after every incident. I realize that even with the hardness she places around her heart for some people there is forgiveness just within reach but it’s takes a process to get there.

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