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A Feeling of Nothingness


That feeling of emptiness, no sense of purpose and direction.
Glancing every two seconds at the clock, the sound of the tick tocking filling the silent spaces in the room.
I hear my inner head voice resonate with such clarity that I chuckled “I am crazy indeed.”
Bored with a strong urge of helplessness, reading lose some of its appeal. A sign that I am crazy because reading has always been one of my therapies.
“What do I do next,” I ponder.
I figure I would turn to my other therapy: music but every tune in my library irritates my heightened sensitive nature.
Yet, I scroll song after song listening for bear seconds and ah, jackpot!
Jordan Sparks sounds appealing, I am nodding, even imitating the guitar with my mouth.
Then suddenly my heart plummet, honestly I felt like my heart left my chest and slammed to my feet.
Jordan began belting lyrics about love.
My high crashed to the floor and I am in despair yet again.
Hey! I know what I will do. I will turn to another therapy: DVD watching/film watching.