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January’s Reading: Books Depicting Minority Struggle



  • Books Depicting Minority Struggle

Some time between November and December when I cleaned up and rearrange my book shelf, I thought of different ways to make my 2016 reading more adventurous. For some reason when December 1st comes around, I just itch for the year to end. Anyways, I was poking around doing my usual research for pleasure and I landed on a 2016 Events Calendar. “AH HA, Eureka! How about I do a theme based reading for 2016.”


Reading With Purpose.


So I spend time coming up with different themes reflective of particular events in each month of the year. Quite a few books will be  reread but that is ok with me especially since I have not read most  my shelf since 2013 and part of 2014 and some from A’ Level/university days.


In January, it is Martin Luther King’s birthday and Day. In addition, my History poking show a few countries celebrating their Independence and/or marking revolutions. Thus, I choose January to read books depicting minority struggles to meet autonomy and sovereignty. A fight for voting rights or a journey mirroring the hardship to give for a family. I will make sure that by the end of the month, that I include all the books I read of the theme under here and providing review links where applicable. I welcome your thoughts on the theme in general or your views on the books.


Happy January reading to you :).


                         BOOKS READ FOR JANUARY THEME


1. Martin Luther King Jr. by Rob Lloyd Jones

2. The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born by Ayi Kwei Armah