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One Body, One Life [Acrostic Poetry]


One body we have so we must

Nuture that essence that make us.

Entertain no thoughts to pollute our

Being, our core.

Organs needs care constantly.

Do not drown with added sugars.

Yearn not for the constant sugary snacks, it is a fight that we must beat.

On International Diabetes Day, I did ponder extra on my chooses of food.

Naturally if my body is my house, I should keep it clean in

Everyway. Not just in grooming but

Limiting the types of drinks and solids I let travel to my work machine.

Invite no toxins by deliberately over consuming too much natural and package sugar.

Fight for your home.

Encourage your body to feel good.


What Am I?

Looks like a bird house. Birds fly

Source: J. Pierre

I can make your body ache so bad that you cannot sit, stoop, stand or lie still.
I can make you so angry that you wish to hurt the one who contaminated you against your will.
I can make an adult needy like a toddler.
I can make you cry involuntarily and I love it, it makes me bubbly.
I can make you love your bed more than ever.
Turning you into a clean freak, not for long however.

I can make the simplest task feel like a burden.
I can drain you of all of your energy all of a sudden.
I can make you babble like a fool.
Have you sipping all day on gruel.
I am powerful, oh yes I am mighty,
I can bend you, break you, make you flighty.

What Am I?