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Judging A Blog By Its Cover? [A Prose]


Have you ever judged a blog by its cover? Well, I have – unashamed. Yes, engaging content with its intent to entertain/educate is encouraging. However all that great stuff is sever when I cannot find my way back to the ‘Menu’ after a minute of looking. Sometimes, I am persistent in poking my way through a maze but other times I just salute with a gaze, continuing my journey. Please understand this prose is not to expose or rain on anyone’s parade. It is a constructive criticism to help you help people with little time, bad eyesight and productive habit in supporting the community by reading.


Yes I am interested in what you wrote in your first few treasured notes of blogging. I like going through a journey of your perspective, no I am not an attorney. It is just a habit that I inhabit to know if I want to ‘follow’ you for the rest of my blogging life. I am attracted to good-looking forms, suiting my own adapted taste. Neatly tucked images drive me the discreetly crazy, the good crazy. So does, clear categories, nice fonts (haha) and some colour, yes my dear. I go insane to read when I hop on lane good words on bomb diggity themes. Listen I am not making stuff up, I will quickly tell you, my roaming took me to much more attractive blogs than mine, glowing home, inviting.


This prose is dedicated to something that I think about constantly. I’ve hinted about it here and there in various comment sections or a line in a poem but I was not satisfied until I gave it its own home. Some words came off my shoulders and I can roam easier now. Bare in mine that since I am judging, I can accept judgements as well. Do not be shy, lay it on me.