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Happy Life, Happy Wife?[Blank Verse Sonnet]

Happy Wife, Happy Life? Poem

Source:Found on craftaholicsanonymous.net

You know they say happy life, happy wife.

What about the husband – his happiness.

Shouldn’t marriages promote equal, glad.

As a woman, sure I love hearing such,

Digging deeper such concept is unfair.

So if the husband wants one thing, quickly

And the wife wants another object, quickly,

Everytime the wife is the happy winner?

What about allowing the husband victory, once.

If the husband is unhappy, no one cares?

I am no matrimony expert, however

I think this is a cause for worry – much.

Both the husband and wife should be happy.

Happy husband and wife, [50/50] give a little.


I am sure you came across this phrase “happy wife, happy life,” at least once in your life either reading it , hearing someone say it or even said it yourself. Honestly, do you think it is right that a wife gets her way every time she and her husbands discuss plans for their future. If yes, do you think that the husband will stay happy in such instances. I think it is best that both part compromises at some instance in the relationship. Happy wife and happy husband :D.