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Today In History Ben Carson Is Beyond An Idiot


…there were other immigrants who came at the bottom of slave ships…”Ben Carson said. My body screamed, my heart dropped and several expletives crossed my head. A supposedly educated man calling former enslaved “immigrants” and he is a black man who disrespected his ancestry. Well maybe his black did not come from West, Central or Eastern Africa. This is the very same man who was a candidate for USA Presidency. I can’t, I just cannot fathom why some intellectual people sometimes do  not think before they open their mouths to defend any particular issue at hand. To call enslaved immigrants is to deny their chattel servitude. Immigrants who are employed have bosses, enslaved had masters who lord over their life. How the fuck are you sane when you call enslaved immigrants? At least immigrants want to  go to their destination but guess what Ben Carson, enslaved were chained to ships to cross the Atlantic.

I would love dearly for Ben Carson to explain if his comments were taken out of context but I honestly do not see how.