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Morgan Lewis Windmill


Morgan Lewis Windmill after editing via Yelhispressing

The island of Barbados once boasted one of the two remaining functional sugar windmill  in the world. When I took the original image around 2009/2010, the sails that you may see in pictures on the web did not form part of the structure. If my memory serves me well, I did visit in the off-season for sugar cane cultivation [February through to July].

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History of Barbados Charitable Organizations

History of Charitable Organizations In Barbados


Moreover, one can agree that the role of voluntary and charity organization in bridging the gap between poor relief programmes and the effort of people providing social security was both positive and negative. Whilst the voluntary and charitable organization replaced the person donors as the main providers of poor relief, it created a new problem for remedying the poverty problem in Barbados. The alms-houses in the parishes provided a refugee for the indigent but at a cost. The unsanitary conditions and the stigma attached created more emotional problems for the occupant. Furthermore, the work of the voluntary and charitable organization alerted attention of the British parliament and the Barbados Legislature to the state of poverty. It was then that Poor Law Acts attempted to remedy the situation. However, in the latter part of the 20th century, the voluntary organizations made it their aim to foster community spirit by committing themselves to the old, homeless and the young. In the end, volunteerism became a permanent part of the Barbadian culture and the government used it as a tool to engender social welfare.

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