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Anguish [A Cinquain]

Anguish: A Cinquian


Keep thou

Thy tearless watch

All night but when blue-dawn

Breathes on the silver moon, the weep!

Then weep!

by Adelaide Crapsey

Post 2: National Poetry Month 2015

Adelaide Crapsey, an American Poet, penned a poetry formed she dubbed “Cinquian”, a work influenced by Japanese poetry is unrhymed with 5 lines. The first line consists of 2 syllables whilst the second line has 4 syllables. In addition, the 3rd line holds 6 syllables but the 4th line carries 2 extra syllables than the 2nd. The last two lines styles 8 and 2 syllables respectively.

Anguish [the poem above] grabbed me by the mind and pulled in my heart. It is so raw yet gentle, for example when I read for the first time “…when the blue-dawn breathes on the silver moon, the weep!” I shivered. In my eyes she is alluding to the final breath before death and I reckon this  is what the entire poem centres on. Based on my reading, Adelaide Crapsey [I urge you to start with the link above]  poetry reads dark because of the influence of  her illness..