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Favourite Diverse Characters


Diverse Characters

Top 5 is a weekly bookish assessment by Gingerreadslainey and today’s feedback is favourite diverse characters.My list includes some characters who are my favourites and some which are the best I have read. One more thing, you can get access to the topics on the Goodreads Group, come join us making Wednesday alive :P.

Othello in Othello by Shakespeare

Diverse Character

There are many analysis on the race of Othello, debating what type of dark, he featured. Was he dark as in a shadow European shade or was he black? Since, I have not come across a definite proof of either, I will focus on his Moor identity because it is enough. I do not believe there is another Moor who graced Elizabethan and Jacobean stage in a heroic capacity as Othello. He is a great general, noble and respected by everyone he worked with excepting Iago. Othello is passionate and loyal, characteristics Iago used to slowly poison the Moor’s mind about his wife. Iago language to describe Othello such as barbarous and an outsider, shows the perception for Moors at that time in Europe.

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