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Book Tag: 10 Most Influential Books


Many months ago , I began reading Book Tags on and off WordPress and it is now one of my pleasure readings: I Love It! Today, I am shaking off that hesitant spirit to try the tags which I felt  strayed [many] towards books/series geared mostly to a certain audience and books I have not  read. My first book tag is 10 Most Influential Books .  Listed below in no particular order are 10 books which influenced my taste in reading, my outlook on social problems, my moral compass[or lack of] and the quirky things that make me, eh me :).

1. Blank Notebook/Journal


A  few or  many blank sheets from notebooks or fancy journals played a huge role in my quest as a writer [never mind that I am not an author]. My journey as a blogger began many years ago when I started writing about my day or on any particular thought  but I did not know it would lead to a blog. I guess it was practise but I still scribble in my blank notebooks. It was my outlet to breathe, something to keep me calm and too collected. My words became friends and they held my secrets, creating a live- able world.

2. Gentle Feuding by Johanna Lindsay

The Gentle Feuding

A Gentle Feuding is the first Historical Romance novel that I can remember reading, although at that time I did not know of  the genre . It is a genre that usually opens many discussion over what is included and what is subtracted, to keep me sane I sometimes call them Period Novels [I digressed there ;)]. Although I would forget the author, I would remember many details of the story and it is this particular story which made me fall in love with love stories set  way back in the day, Scotland Highland men riding for life on the real horse powers, clan feuds, some alliance marriages[volunteering all the better], old castles and towers etc.

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