source: Art of Jason deCaires Taylor

source: Art of Jason deCaires Taylor

Back in the Day (History).

“Remembering yesterday like it was today. Sharing interesting history tidbits, whilst we learn about the events which shaped the world.”

General History

The 25 Biggest Turning Points In Earth’s History|


September 22nd

National Poetry Month

February in History

American Indian Heritage Month

October 1st Resignation of US Secret Service Director

History of Barbados Charitable Organizations

A Raisin in the Sun

International Mens Day: The History

1820: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex

International Mens Day



Women In the 19th & 20th Century

Mary Surratt

Mary Seacole

12 Badass Women



A Brief History of Some Walls

Roman Wall of Lugo

The Great Wall of Gorgan

Hadrian Wall

The Great Wall of China

The Berlin Wall



Slavery: From Africa… (A History Student Project)

Comparative Study of French Ownership Versus Male Ownership in St. Lucia 

Conditions of the Enslaved People of St. Lucia

StLucia’s Plantation Economy

The Slave Dwelling Project

Viccisitudes- Underwater Sculpture

Life Of A Slave: A Brief View

Formerly a Slave Now an Inhabitant of Canada

Emancipation For the Enslaved

Harriet Jacob’s: The Life of a Slave Girl

Morgan Lewis Windmill


Pre Colonial Africa

General View of Women in Pre- Colonial Africa (Part One)

Women & Governance in Pre- Colonial Africa (Part Two)


Archaeology/Cultural Heritage

Rising Seas Threaten to Swallow These Ten Global Wonders

Evidence of Viking/Norse metalworking in Artic Canada

Macabre Skeletal Find

Neolithic Flint Axe and Preserved Wooden Handle

Rosetta Stone

Amazing! Original Magna Carta Copy

Waterloo First Bridges [Waterloo Chronicle By Bob Vrbanac]

Name This World Heritage Site

Trove Of Roman Coins Discovered In Spain

Prehistoric mother and child discovered / Reuters



Civil Rights

Claudette Colvin: A Forgotten Civil Rights Hero

Thinking of March 2nd Instead of Rosa Parks and December 1st

Rosa Parks Bus – The Story Behind the Bus



Nationalism in West Indies Cricket

The Development of West Indies Cricket


Imperialism/ Conquest

Economic Motives for New Imperialism

Small Pox: Enemy of the Natives

Rapid Conversion of Native Americans to Christianity



19th Century Protest Movements in the West Indies

Bletchley Park

Remembrance Day

The Medieval Soldier

47 Ronin



ARPANET First Message



 History of Diseases

The Origin of the Black Plague & Its Spread

Syphilis & The Columbian Exchange

Are Historians Neglecting Disease On History

Ebola and HIV in the 1970’s

Syphilis And The Columbian Exchange

Native Americans and Epidemics