Web of Deceit by Renee Pawlish [#MarchMysteryMadness]


Web of Deceit by Renee Pawlish

Apparently Dewey is the superhero detective who rarely ever gets hurt even when he puts himself in the most dangerous situation to acquire clues. Another point of amusement for me is when Mr. Detective goes around asking the most blatant questions with no shielding descriptions and I am here thinking “Is he not worried that someone will come after him when he sniffs around in the most obvious manner?”

Aside from these probably minor amusement the art of mystery in this book is decent. I really like how when I thought the case ended, the plot actually twisted to reveal another layer of problem solving. I did not see that guilt in a particular character!


I must point out that a particular plot twist that bother me is the manner in which Dewey hired by the husband, turns around and works for the wife letting the husband foot the bill in the end .


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