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Top 5 Wednesday

Hello Wed- nes- day! For Top 5 Wednesday we dive into a summary of the good good:

December 20th: Top 5 Books of 2017
— I know most people have a longer list than this, or post theirs at different times (like I’ll be waiting until January for example) but if you want to make a list of your absolute faves of the year, now is the time!

I am okay with posting all the books which left me touched, excited and deeply impacted around this time because I am not rushing to read more than the two books that I am currently digging. So far, I see nothing in these two books, which will crawl their way to my Top 2017 Books. Even if I read further than the two books it is okay  that they do not appear on this list, I will simply create a separate post.

Let us dive into it:
P.S I will share part of my reviews

1.When God Says “Wait”: Navigating Life’s Detours and Delays Without Losing Your Faith, Your Friends, or Your Mind by Elizabeth Laing Thompson

I hated and loved this book!

The concept of the novel stood out for me because at that time I needed to understand something more about the noise in my head. I felt the author gave the plan of the novel in the beginning with a thesis statement- “This book is about the journey of waiting, the space between answers, and the decisions we make while we live there. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.” Oh the English Literature student in me jumped for joy because I had an idea of what was in store. However, little did I know that the author sure break down every inch of the waiting aspect and questioning the doubts and that is when the hate part comes. I felt exposed but yet not judged; all the emotions that I tucked away whilst waiting for the silver lining was right there on the screen. The author words were inspirational and her outlook left me thinking “darn, she read my mind.”

2. Easter Rising: A History From Beginning to End by Hourly History

A short but very easy to follow narrative of the a upraising which changed the future of Irish people. It is a fantastic introduction to the Easter Raising and the issues/ factors which led to Irish frustration of British rule.


3. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

I did something with Everything Everything that I have not done with books in a very long time. I picked up the book, opened it, read the first sentence and continued reading (nonstop) until the last page of the book which is an excerpt from the author Nicole Yoon newer novel. It felt tingling good to feel greedy for words again.

Madeline had me at her first sentenced, “I’ve read many books than you. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve read. I’ve read more. Believe me. I’ve had the time.” Those words did not seem a boast for me but the words of someone I immediately found interesting. Well I love to read as well, so I got hooked. Although I knew a major plot twist before I read the novel (thanks to my nosy self to find more details of the novel), it did not diminish my eagerness.


4. Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders

One of the most captivating animal narrator voice that I have followed. I really do admire Laura and her family who taught her how to care for animals just as humans. Mrs. Morris (Laura’s mom) believe that teaching a child to care for an animal teaches lessons on selflessness, patience, humbleness and love and she was right because her children grew into adults with beautiful hearts.


5. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

I was of the opinion before that Sense and Sensibility is the best-written book by JA but now Mansfield Park is certainly ready to throw that view out of the window. I call this novel, the most holistic JA story because it tackles the social and economic life of the both the wealthier family’s the Bertram’- and the less fortunate the Prices. I think it is safe to say that Mansfield Park is the only JA novel, which goes into such depth into that view of society from below and above. JA probably did reach the pinnacle in social history of the time when she cleverly juxtaposes the two families and their reaction to marriage and love. Every time I reread Mansfield, I get crazy for noticing new meaning to possible symbolism and immediately drawing the conclusion that someone’s love or relationship will fail or success.


These are my top reads for 2017. What books were your favourite/best books for 2017?


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