5 of My Favourite Men Characters


Since today is International Men’s Day, I celebrate five (5) of my favourite men characters.

1.Martin Luther King Jr. in Martin Luther King by Rob Lloyd Jones

Martin Luther King Jr. died fighting against segregation and discrimination of  black people. One of the most remarkable selfless characters I have read in Literature, one that many attest to out of Literature. Even when his family were almost killed and he lose his home, he still called out for “Love,” he shouted, “I want you to love our enemies. We can’t let their hate stop us.” How many of us can truly utter those words to the people who wants us dead?

2. Philip  Pirrip aka Pip in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Some of thoughts of Pip from before:
“One of the greatest advantage for Pip is following him on his journey from a boy to a man.  A flaw character   and I admire that quality, although many say Dickens characters are far from reality. Pip learns the lesson that things are not always what they seem and although he is angry, he turns around with a subdue spirit asking for forgiveness from the people he treated different. What I  found amazing is he willing to love a girl who  is  deliberately cruel and he still does not hate her after he learns the story behind her friendship (or lack there of) with him. When Pip gained money, he almost lost his way but his paths took him to riches of character, of purpose, of compassion…”

3. Shane in Shane by Jack Schaefer

When push came to shove, Shane could have hightailed it out of the homestead lands but instead he stayed to help fight off the greedy Fletcher. Shane was also nice to Bob, who is the son of  his employer homesteader (Joe). Shane is courageous, hardworking and loyal.

4. Unnamed Man in The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born by Ayi Kwei Armah

 A husband and honest worker who remains unnamed in a gripping story of corruption in post independence Ghana. He is admirable for his work ethics in a world where everyone falls prey to deceit to climb up the financial chains. He is in the pit of suffering, he remains steadfast to his aim to stay clear of the wrongful crowd even when his wife nudges. The gripping details of his sanitary conditions detailed in the beginning of the text highlights the need for all persons to have the right to safe sanitation. I want to highlight this struggle especially since today is World Toilet Day.

5. Henry Tilney in Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
I call him my smart mouth Jane Austen hero, the one who is smart, eloquent with a kind heart! I love that he is appreciative  of nature, reading and kept up with the literary news of the day.


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