Top 5 Wednesday/ Books From Before You Joined


Top 5 Wednesday

Hello Wednesday people,  another Top 5 Wednesday  going back in time with

August 23rd: Books from Before You Joined ________
— These are some of your favorite books from before you joined the online book community, whether that be booktube, goodreads, blogs, bookstagram, twitter, tumblr, etc.

I celebrated my 5 year anniversary this year on WordPress in February and Goodreads in August. I stumbled upon Booktube sometime after or around the time I was introduced to Goodreads and blogging. My taste has not evolve drastically since I thrust myself into the social book world but I must admit that there are many books that I read because of networking. So here are the books and genre that I love before book world expanded beyond the physical library.

Let us dive into it:


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