Top 5 Wednesday: Books That Aren’t Set In/ Inspired By The Western World


Top 5 Wednesday

Hello book people, it is another Top 5 Wednesday and today we are talking about diversity in books in relation to scene, meaning:

July 19th: Books That Aren’t Set In/Inspired By The Western World
–I know this is a long title, but I couldn’t figure out how else to word it and still get the point across. Talk about books that are set outside of the Western World (so outside of North America and Western Europe) or if they are SFF, books that aren’t inspired by those places (so no medieval setting fantasy!)

Let is dive into it:

1.Ebola K: Book 1 by Bobby Adair
This thriller was one of my best reads in 2015 set mostly  in remote East African village of Kapchorwa. It is  about the spread of Ebola and the possible use of the deadly disease as biological warfare.

2. Jock of the Bushveld by Percy Fitzpatrick

One of the most exciting animal adventurers I have read, its place is  The Bushveld of the Transvaal, South Africa. It is  a classic tale of a dog and his owner who worked the ox wagon trail during the gold rush period.

3. Lion of Babylon (Marc Royce #1)  by Davis Bunn

Lion of Babylon read like a story wrap around a text both, meaning it was both educational and imaginative. I felt encouraged and my interest peaked to researched more on some of the terms used by the author and to learn more about the back roads of the Middle East.

4. Just This Once (Escape to New Zealand #1)  by Rosalind James
Oh my goodness, this novel made me fall in love with New Zealand so much more [well at least virtually]. The different places that Drew and Hannah visited were so beautiful. The author sold New Zealand over and over, where is my passport? The physical scene sold the novel to me: fishing, hiking, hot baths, snorkelling and let me not forget the Māori culture.Rugby! I never paid much attention to the sport before but the author created exciting exchanges on the field and the spectators watching.

5.Green Days by the River (Caribbean Writers Series) by Michael Anthony

A Trinidadian boy Shell caught between adult responsibility and adolescent days. I remember this story from my secondary school days and being fascinated by those four dogs. It was an experience reading with my other classmates about Shellie family struggling to survive and him trying to manoeuvre between two girls.

Notewell: Many of the descriptions for the stories are part of my book Reviews posted on here(blog) or on Goodreads.

I hope you have fun reading for this Top 5 Wednesday 🙂




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