Everything Everything (A Book Review)


Everything Everything

I did something with Everything Everything that I have not done with books in a very long time. I picked up the book, opened it, read the first sentence and continued reading (nonstop) until the last page of the book which is an excerpt from the author Nicole Yoon newer novel. It felt tingling good to feel greedy for words again.

Madeline had me at her first sentenced, “I’ve read many books than you. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve read. I’ve read more. Believe me. I’ve had the time.” Those words did not seem a boast for me but the words of someone I immediately found interesting. Well I love to read as well, so I got hooked. Although I knew a major plot twist before I read the novel (thanks to my nosy self to find more details of the novel), it did not diminished my eagerness.

I love the conversational tone of the story. I suspect it is that writing style which kept me engaged because I felt part of Madeline journey (as crazy as it might sound). The lines were simple and heart felt and drawing enough for me as an adult to feel connected to a teenager. It was not me feeling sorry for her that she had a rare disease. It was me wanting to know how she will handle herself with the disease and the introduction of the cute neighbor next door.

I am going to make a bold and most probably a ridiculous statement but I think Everything Everything may turn into a Classic. This is story that can stay alive for each generation of teenagers to come and adults (like myself). It is a discussion on family relationship and values: honesty, betrayal etc. It is a dialogue for persons with rare diseases and how they can still live fulfilling lives. It is an opening for dicussions on teen romantic interest with a deeper link to sex. It is a wholesome niche feelings about folks who just love to read and discuss stories just because they love that feeling and do not need to justify to others who feel contrary.

I can take that risk to say so. Why? Because
“The greatest risk is not taking one” Nicola Yoon


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