Outlander (A Book Review)


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Almost 200 pages to the end of novel and I got that deja vu feeling that I read Outlander before but at the same time the beginning and middle of the story felt like fresh words. I am not sure why. I would not believe that I kept saying “I have read Outlander, I should some day,” and actually did read only have it sink in oblivion. Sigh, mind conflict….

Outlander is how I like some of my historical fiction: A mixture of the old with the new, Scottish Highlanders and absolutely stunning landscape (one day Scotland, one day).

I like the various character build up from the get go and my mind picked Jaime from the scene of him being hurt in the cottage. When the other choices seem possible for a union for Claire and someone else, I told Diana Gabaldon she better not trivial. A stubborn Highlander and a determined English woman. I just want to hear Jaime call Claire “Sassenach”. It may be deragotory to some but in my head, everytime he calls that name, it sounds endearing. Furthermore, I picked my favourites of the people surrounding Claire and where ever she went. I like Ms Fitz from the get, she such a comely nurturing woman and Alec with horses just made me laughed. I severely dislike Randall from the get and I hate him for what he did to Jaime. I did not care for much of the McKenzie Clan but I like how the men teased Jaime. It is just skillful how the author weaved the various clans members together to connect smaller plots that contributed to the outcome of the story. There were times I was a bit confused about the use of the various names for Jaime but apart from that, it a smooth character development.

The journey of Claire just seem effortless and flowing in relation to physical description. I saw and heard the water flowing. I sniff that dust cloud formed by the horses and their riders. I trembled cold in the snow. I saw the wolves attacking Clair as if I was there. I saw the MacKenzie clan hunting that boar. Simply put the visual in Outlander is beautiful!

Did some of the scenes seemed farfetched to me yes and the forever danger for Claire and Jaime but it did not damper the flow of the plot. However, I must add the number of violent sex scenes and also its frequencies were definitely a put off. I do not like condone violence especially towards women and I do understand it’s relevance to time period but still, I do not favour. Their sex drive is so crazy, that at times it had my head rolling, for example after a red coat almost killed raped Claire and killed Jaime, I could not believe they resorted to ducking each brains out. Really? In the end Outlander kept me engaged and now I want to read more Highlander stories but it sucks I have none in my immediate reach.

Did I tell you that I love Highlander stories? I love Highlander stories.


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