Top 5 Wednesday: Books as Event Themes


Top 5 Wednesday

Hey Book People! It is another Top 5 Wednesday albeit the lateness (smiles). The books todays covers:

It’s party season, whether that is high school prom, weddings, or summer holiday events. What books would make a good party/event theme??


Let us dive into it:

.The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Glamour, glitz, glitter and all the other adjectives for throwing a massive ‘elegant’ party; just ask Jay Gatsby for all the 411 he did it mostly every night till daybreak.

.The Jane Austen Club by Karen J. Fowler
Very suitable for a book club event. You will get tips in how to break down the book in sections for reading, throwing quotes here and there to motivate and the social aspect of people gathering together. P.S Look out for some hook-ups/growing friendships and how to read the signs.

.Just This Once by Rosalind James
This could be a go to for a summer retreat to a tropical country or if you want to go bag-packing in nature. Snorkelling, swimming, hot springs, hiking, lovemaking, fishing, rugby etc. The sun is out bright and summer  never sets in this story.

.Emma by Jane Austen
Listen if you want dips for a ‘gentle’ tea party theme party- leaning more on the Regency era- check out Frank Churchill for the venue and arrangement. Emma  and Jane Fairfax will aid in the music and Miss Bates will teach you how to not let your ears fall pry to the most talkative person at the party.



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