Lady Susan [Book Review]


Jane AustenIt is of my opinion that Lady Susan is on par with some of Jane Austen best work. Maybe the implementation of the epistolary as the literary device for the book suited the dialogue or conversational tone of the story. Could you imagine if the structure used in her other novels was the medium for story telling? Most likely the lively chatter I conceived from the lines would be bland.

The exchange of letters created a niche for me the reader to feel privy to private conversations. A chance to create an excitable feeling because it appears as juicy gossip especially when Lady De Courcy and her daughter Catherine Vernon exchanged letters about Reginald and Lady Susan. In addition, when I read the previous letter, I am eager to find out how one of the characters would react. The frequent correspondences gave me the chance to decide who was honest or conniving. The epistle form suited the short length of the novel because in an omniscient narrator style I would not gained the voices of all the characters in such a clear way. The letters were not enough in the end, an end which seemed hasten.


Oh that woman of a woman- Lady Susan- although quite easy to dislike she carries such a charm that makes her valid and necessary for the story. The way she makes up schemes and got out of hot water was just ridiculous yet incredibly sensational. What is of great essence is that Lady Susan made herself look contrary. It was her direct words and actions that dubbed her as the only deliberate scandalous and perhaps wicked heroine of Jane Austen. It is such acclaim which automatically elevates Lady Susan (the book). I am quite disheartened with her treatment of her daughter Frederica- Quite a shy, pretty and good natured girl. Would you imagine this is how the belle of the story chose to live life!

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