Appreciating Jane Austen: Part 2


Happy Jane Austen Day :D.


Jane_Austen Source: emilianozapata333/Jane_Austen.jpg

Shortly before sleep yesterday, I thought since I shared my review of Jane Austen’s seven main novels, I should share my general views on the rest of her work today.

 The Watsons

The Watsons unfinished piece was just an interesting enough writing in my humble opinion. The love triangle in the story did not stir me with a vengeance. I do not believe my judgement is influenced by the fact that the novel is incomplete, I know how the story would end. Well at least I think I would know based on Mr. Austen-Leigh’s explanation of Jane Austen confiding to her sister Cassandra details on how the novel would end. It is true she may have revised the story as she did to her other novels but The Watsons did not excite me tremendously.


Is it me or Austen wanted to show ridiculous Sir Edward Denham unintelligible comment were…

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