Persuasion [A Short Review]


Jane Austen

This time around Persuasion felt even more of an emotional read and my bond with Anne Elliot felt stronger. I sometimes wondered if she would suffer from an emotional heart attack and transfer it to myself. I had to keep saying “breathe Anne, breathe Anne,” as if she was next to me.

I am still equally sadden that Sir Walter Elliot and Elizabeth were so indifferent to Anne and her welfare. Most extraordinary impolite vain and unfeeling father and daughter! I also realize that I am starting to dislike Lady Russell on a higher level. She is too quick to receive William Walter Elliot in her confidence and too quick to subtract Captain Wentworth. In addition, I felt more pains for Captain Wentworth in this reading session. I played over all the scenes in my mind when he thought Anne felt for another but him: In the theatre when Mr. William Elliot reached over to Anne; I can just imagine the redness of Captain Wentworth face; when they were in the hotel in Bath and he (Captain Wentworth) came back to deliver his letter. A letter of agony in love!

Another read and I can am enthralled by the setting in various locations of the story. Lyme stands out for the most


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